Its only me



About us

Well what can I tell you about us.

If you want the simple discription I guess we make things.

From a keyring

Playbus ex london transport.

4wd camper.

Boat house. Wassenaar.
Flight simulator, tower and chamber Schiphol.
Event course "Haagse Paarden Dagen".
New store concept together with Wonderwall inc Tokyo. 
National A listed building "Paleis voor de Volksvlijt". 
Fire work bunker.  
Horse stables Delft.
Design casino Porto Puerto Porto (Spain).
Design casino for Playboy international Rhodos. 
Graphic illustrations for the Brink Groep  
Production and furniture drawings for Baby Things b.v.

Casino de la Vallee St. Vincent.(Italy)

Casino regina. Saskatchewan.(Canada)

Prop master on the film "the making of".


Future things

We are on a new mission.

To create web experiences that take it to the next level.

Our objective is to keep the user engaged, interested

and ultimately be left with a great experience.

We pride ourself on our versatility and we can work well within a team,

being able to communicate our design objectives to others

and our passion for what we do.