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This was used as Annies avatar for a while so everytime it popped up it brought a smile to my face. Also its my baby daughters favourite bath toy, well after me that is.
I remember seeing this hanging near to the entrance of the kabk next to a glass cabinet.I said to someone next to me this person was disturbed. I was right because she married me 10 years later!
What can I say. The thing that you are busy with at any moment is what interests you the most. This art work is called "ice cream".
Fond memories of my lifeless body floating in the rough waters off breton's coast reminds me that life is fragile and ours beliefs sometimes only skin deep.
nolan porter
After laughing for about an hour I managed to take this photo in a hotel in New York. The hotel in Phucket Thailand was a little less primitive.
nolan porter
Do you remember chugging through boxes of old records looking for a gem like this one. Like the man said "check it out now me funk soul brother".

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