And leonado turned to me and said. "what the fu*k dude there is no way I'm drinking that". I turned away in disgust, I hadn't expected that he would be quite such a wossie. Well I should have realized that anyone still sporting jesus boots in the late 16th centuary would be a bit of a lame duck really.



This is the more elegent piece of quality silverware hand crafted by dutch silversmiths and of course hand polished as all top quality silverware should be.

The design of this silverware was based apon the famous depiction of the last supper painted by Leonardo da Vinci for the Sforza family.

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the last supper painted sometime in the late 16th centuary.
images of the the cutlery series "leonardo"
Cutlery series "Leonardo"


In common with other depictions of The Last Supper from this period, Leonardo seats the diners on one side of the table, so that none of them have their backs to the viewer. Most previous depictions excluded Judas by placing him alone on the opposite side of the table from the other eleven disciples and Jesus or placing halos around all the disciples except Judas. Leonardo instead has Judas lean back into shadow. Jesus is predicting that his betrayer will take the bread at the same time he does to Saints Thomas and James to his left, who react in horror as Jesus points with his left hand to a piece of bread before them. Distracted by the conversation between John and Peter, Judas reaches for a different piece of bread not noticing Jesus too stretching out with his right hand towards it (Matthew 26: 23).

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the last supper


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