The week had already been quite an ordeal. Mum had decided that being the 70's it would be hip and funky to get herself a perm like aunty jenny. However living in the sticks and being the only ethnic chinese for 50 miles, no local hairdresser was really up to the challenge. Undeterred mum acquirred herself a super strength home perm kit. All she needed now was someone with a similar type hair to test it out on. I guess it was my own fault for walking into the kitchen at that very moment.

On the positive side when I next walked past the Red Lion, the racist teddy boys who used to wait infront, where momentarily caught between racial violence and symopathy. I gave them the bird, threw my brick and ran of as usual.



The rings are white gold on silver. The black symbols are the oxidized silver backing. The symbols on the rings both have an exact alphabetical translation. See if you can work it out.

Laakhaven West 1
Laakhaven West 2
Laakhaven West 3
Laakhaven West 4


silver and white gold double banded wedding rings
the symbols have a real none cryptic meaning
The Singing ringing tree

I froze; the elephant seemed to sense that I had ventured too close. His yellowish eye rolled in its socket as he scanned my body his trunk flicking the neutral ground that still separated us. His head lowered as his feet shuffled back and forth in a moment of indecision. A loud crash and the sound of thrashing trunks I awoke to find myself lying in what latter would turn out to be the emergency department of Bangalore general hospital.  It seems that to all accounts I had been lucky to survive and had been unconscious for the greater part of two weeks.

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