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If you want to save a grey squirrel you have no choice but to shot the red ones. Well some people are convinced that the only way to deal with a foreign invasion is to blast little squirrels. As a proactive campaign, its only me has set up the help organization of War squirrel to help victims of this hateful persecution of our furry friends. We will be training EMT personel to identify in the field victims and make sure that they are placed in an appropriate care facility. The rest will be issued the nato standard IIa tactical vests.

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Pandas are the most drug dependant animals on earth. Both the IFAW and the WWF or WNF depending where you live have conservatively raised more than $100,000,000 revenue/year for the 239 captive pandas. Pandas do not naturally have black around their eyes. It comes from years of substance abuse! Thats why even with free care and food from the chinese they still manage to spend every year more than $480,000 each.

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Not quite sure about this. I'll have to get back to you on this one. Well you could always mail me your ideas.

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These are funky items stiil to posted on this site. I keep seeing someone running around with a glue gun and lots of newspaper so somethings up. As long as its not something like a vase I dont care.

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